The Occult

When one thinks of the occult, you normally associate it with black magic or other such dark arts. But this term has evolved over the ages and is associated with many other special abilities. To understand the real occult meaning, one needs to know more about the occult science. The word occult is based the Latin ‘occultus’ (hidden, secret), and so occult definition usually refers to the “knowledge of the hidden” or as the “Knowledge of the paranormal”. It may be referred to as the study of the inner nature of objects and entities and is not just concerned with the external or physical characteristics.
The study of the occult is referred to as occultism and to an occultist it is just the study of the unseen “truth”. Subjects such as magic, alchemy, astrology, spiritualism, numerology and ESP are also considered to be part of the occult. Occultism may also be considered as having various elements of religion associated with it, and occult history dates as far back as the ancient Hebrew beliefs of Kabbalah.
Different Occult Practices
The term "occult" is all encompassing; it include multiple, often unrelated occult practices. Some of the most common of these systems are:

1. Palmistry/ palm reading – is the ability to predict a person’s past and future by reading the lines and marks in the palm of their hands.

2. Crystal healing - involves placing gems or crystals on certain parts of the body to promote healing

3. Tarot cards - which predicts a person’s future, using the tarot deck of cards.

4. Ouija board - allows interactions with spirits who may reply to questions by controlling a sliding unit known as a planchette.

5. Spiritism – where a human medium enables communication between spirits and living people.

6. Channeling – is related to spiritism, but with a non-human medium, such as the Tarot cards or the Ouija board.

7. Voodoo (or Santeria) - practice and belief of certain mystical African practices. 8. Satanism – or the worship of Satan as the Supreme Being.

9. Celestine prophecy – or a belief in auras and energies.

10. Witchcraft - or Wicca and the use of magical powers.

Tantra is an ancient branch of Indian spiritualism which dates back to the 5th-9th century AD. It is often disregarded as being a form black magic. However, tantra is one of the most important Indian traditions and represents certain vigorous and practical aspects of the Vedic tradition. Tantriks are generally followers of either Goddess Shakti or Lord Shiva. It is believed that there are essentially two schools of Indian scriptures – ‘Agama’ and ‘Nigama’. Agamas refer to the revelations while Nigama are the traditions. Tantra is an Agama and is considered to be a branch of the veda. Tantra is different from other traditions because it accepts the person’s worldly desires.


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